The changing tide.

First post on the new site. Exciting!

The past few month have seen some insane stress. Lots of ups and downs but in reality I have nothing but good things going on in my life at the moment.

"Any Bullet Will Do" just had it's first official press release on EXAMINER last week and we have a ton more press coming down the pipe line. Really stoked to be able to dive into some interviews and talk about what went into making this film, dealing with elements, dealing with crew, making a ULB of this caliber. It will be monumental to get to finally speak on all of it.

Thanks to ABWD and some upcoming projects, I managed to score a stellar entertainment firm that has taken me on as a client and several meetings with major agencies. Finding the correct fit is a challenge and one not to be taken lightly. Hoping to have an official decision on that this next week.

Lastly, another giant step forward is the creation of a new production company with someone who I collaborate and work with quite often: Kevin Makely. We just got Papa Octopus Productions off the ground and are heading to NAB in just a few hours to look at new gear and make some big decisions that will push us forward.

Independent film making is hard. Harder than anyone can possibly imagine. But it's beyond rewarding after it's all said and done. To be a filmmaker is to love masochism in a way. But we go the lengths to bring stories to fruition. So here's to many more and a stellar future!

Thanks for visiting the new site.


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