ABWD: Film Colossus Interview Part Four

Discussing the actors I worked with and dream projects. http://www.filmcolossus.com/any-bullet-will-do/interviews/writer-director-justin-lee-on-jenny-curtis-kevin-makely-bruce-davison-meg-foster-mark-ryan-todd-robinson-brea-bree-his-dream-studio-project-and-his-dream-independent-project

ABWD: Film Colossus Interview Part Two

Part two on the interview discussing all things involving production on ABWD including pre and post and some of the trials and tribulations encountered. http://www.filmcolossus.com/any-bullet-will-do/interviews/writer-director-justin-lee-on-vetting-crew-set-morale-the-importance-of-a-line-producer-what-directing-and-being-a-pirate-have-in-common-the-worth-of-an-assistant-editor-and-western-digital-storage

ABWD: Film Colossus Interview Part One

I recently did an extensive interview with Chris Lambert of Film Colossus that lasted over two hours. It was super fun and we covered a ton of stuff regarding "Any Bullet Will Do", indie film making, and how big an influence my Grandfather and Joe Carnahan have had on my career.. Here's part one of said interview. Part two follows tomorrow. Enjoy! http://www.filmcolossus.com/any-bullet-will-do/interviews/writer-director-justin-lee-on-why-a-western-oregon-montana-sets-locations-and-war Photos by Chelsea Curtis

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